Using an all inclusive tech support service as an agency is key to establish your creative freedom.

Our company provides this service exclusively for creative partners in an efficient way.

Only with our business philosophy, can your agency deliver IT projects efficiently. Most tech companies aim to give a complete service to their end users. Our company, however serves you in a unique way, extending the parts of your job that they you don't have expertise in.

By unloading the tech / maintenance burden, you can halve the completion time of your projects. Not only will you save a lot of time, you will also be getting consultation on the complex parts of your projects that require technical expertise.

If you're wondering what it is like working with us, here is the story of our first client:

In the beginning, we tried to deal with end customers directly as a normal agency would, but we realized that what we do best is implementation instead of planning a complete marketing project or dealing with non-tech customers. Then, we got recommended to a creative agency by a common friend. The level of quality they deliver is amazing, but it requires deep technical knowledge and perseverance to maintain the same at the implementation level. The moment we started working together, we knew this is what we want to do in the long run. The agency didn't have to deal with tech problems and we didn't have to deal with people who didn't speak tech. A lot of frustration is being prevented this way. The customer has been happy ever since, just as the agency and our team. We have a very fruitful working relationship.

Did you ever experience your fine-tuned, detailed creative work turning into a nightmare, because of the tech people who couldn't notice the details, let alone appreciate all the effort that is put into the design of your project? Implementing a sophisticated website can be a very difficult task and it requires high level problem solving skills, years of IT experience and keeping up with the ever changing tech world. But, wait no more. Handling situations like these is our speciality.

You might be wondering, why all this tech stuff is so difficult. It all comes down to the quickly changing environment that is arming your competitors daily with better and better tools. Big tech companies always try to create new platforms to automate tasks even more efficiently, taking away the jobs from people and giving it to computers. On the top of this, hackers constantly find vulnerabilities in every little parts of software, which creates the need to increase attention on maintanence and developing even better tools. The problem is that with every "security" update, you are forced to install the new features that come with the new version and these can break the already working parts of the system. This creates the need for constant adjustments and maintenance in the cyberspace, which sets the new trends in place.

Don't wait until you can't handle the tasks anymore! Save time and energy with our team. Our goal is to work with a maximum amount of 10 creative partners, because we want to stay small to maintain a family-like working environment. 10 is the number that we can confidently serve at maximum quality. You need to try at least for a few projects what it is like working with us. Send us an inquiry to start your journey on a fruitful business relationship. Please, only send an inquiry if you have an actual project that you can give us to work on.

How do we work?

You can either send us a complete specification of what you need and how it should look like or just define a guideline on what problem do you want us to solve. We can use your existing infrastructure, but we can also choose a new one for you. For website implementation, we usually take a complete design file in .ai or Adobe XD, etc. with assets and deliver the same looks, content and quality as a website. For custom projects, we have a longer discussion about requirements and budget, then we decide the best course of action and start implementing it. We give you a custom quote for new projects and use the hourly rate for working on existing projects and maintaining the projects we built. You will pay 50% upfront for new projects and the remaining 50% on completion. You will get an invoice at the end of each month for the hourly rate based jobs. You can pay the invoices with TransferWise if you are located in a different country (we are in Hungary). Our average hourly rate is between $60 and $120. For this, you will have a responsive expert base that can guarantee that your plans will be implemented correctly and will consult you on hard decisions. There is no risk for you. If you are not satisfied with our work, you get a complete refund.

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