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This project is a complete ecommerce store with efficiency in mind. Our client only serves other companies, so every price on the site is private. We chose Magento as the ecommerce platform, but the website is built in a very modern framework, NextJS. The reason this is interesting is that this is our first project where we use ultra-modern tech stack that makes it possible to create websites that load in no time.

The project involved a lot of consultation and preparation, because this store has 50 000 products and already utilizes another inventory software that is not compatible with ecommerce integrations. Our job included mass downloading product information from vendors websites with a custom made scraper tool, creating the design of the website and integrating Magento with the client's already existing inventory and invoicing software, so the website will always have up to date information about the stock availability, the prices and it generates an order within the local point of sale solution.

At the time of writing this article, the website is not published yet, but it will be available at Currently, there is an old site under that address.

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